MissionCast 160 - Taking Easter to the city

The Gathering United Methodist Church took its Easter worship service to the St. Louis city streets. The Gathering is just three years old and yet drew in a congregation of around a thousand for Easter. On other Sundays, you can find the Gathering worshiping in its sanctuary which was built long ago. When the church closed due to too few members, the Gathering started a totally new congregation devoted to offering compelling worship to new generations of people living in the city. CLICK HERE...

MissionCast, Ep: 158 - The PET Song - The Gift of Mobility

PET stands for personal energy transportation. It is a three wheel, hand cranked vehicle for those who have lost the use of their legs. For the recipient the PET is the gift of mobility. Learn about the PET Project which began in Columbia, Missouri and now has expanded and expended during the past 15 years. A delightful song has been written which is featured in this MissionCast. We are thankful to the PET Project for letting us use this video. Visit MissionCast's Web site to view this...