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Conference Council on Youth Ministries

C.C.Y.M. The Conference Council on Youth Ministry

About The Conference Council On Youth Ministry
The Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM) is composed of both adults and youth (aged 12 through 18 years old) from different districts with the Missouri Annual Conference. The CCYM provides leadership and coordination of youth-age conference events as a resource local congregations.

Representation And Selection
From each district, there are both youth and adult representatives. There are two adult representatives who are nominated by each District Lay Leadership Committee and voted at the District Conference to serve as District Coordinators. Youth are chosen through an application process and then chosen by evaluating their references and the strengths needed to facilitate the events coordinated by the Conference Council on Youth Ministry. There will be four to five youth chosen from each district with no more than two people from the same church.

Youth Applying To The Conference Council On Youth Ministry
Youth may apply to the Conference Council on Youth Ministry when the application is made available in January (see forms link under youth-age ministries). The annual deadline for all applications to be received is May 31st. In June of year the District Coordinators under direction of the Catalyst will select youth based upon their application, references, and the strengths needed for the Conference Council on Youth Ministries to coordinate youth-age events. There will be no more than two youth from the same church. Each youth who becomes a member will continue to serve until graduation, unless he or she resigns before that time.

Expectations For CCYM Members

  • Must be confirmed members of the United Methodist Church in Missouri and be at least 14 years of age;
  • Must be active in the youth ministry and congregational life of the local church of which he/she is a member;
  • Must be active in the district youth that he/she represents and provide leadership to ensure youth ministry is happening on a district level;
  • Must attend all CCYM meetings and events, unless excused (by contacting the conference youth coordinator and/or the district youth coordinator). Absence from two meetings can result in replacement on the council;
  • Will uphold the CCYM covenant;
  • Will publicize, promote and encourage churches within their districts to participate in conference youth ministry opportunities